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Common problems
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); Anxiety Disorders; Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Depression; Personality Disorders; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Forte GGZ wants to support you as a student to find the cause of your problems and offer possibilities for treatment. Our team of psychiatrists and psychologists are also more than willing to contact your academic advisor or coordinator, if you want them to.

What treatment would suit you, in your particular situation, can be discussed with your psychiatrist or psychologist.

During your intake you will be introduced to the respectful environment of Forte GGZ.

The intake serves a dual purpose. The primary purpose is for you to be able to tell your story. In addition, the intake is ideally suited for the therapist to gather all the information necessary to get a clear picture of your questions and problems. Usually one intake is sufficient but sometimes two intakes are required to get a clear picture. Based on the acquired information, the main practitioner will devise a treatment plan. To prepare a treatment plan, sometimes additional information is required through, for example, questionnaires or a psychological or psychiatric evaluation. If this is the case, this will always be discussed with you beforehand. What treatment would suit you, in your particular situation, can be discussed with your psychiatrist or psychologist.

You will be able to look at possibilities together, in order to change your outlook on life through therapeutic counseling, psychotherapy, or another possible treatment suited to you.

Contraindication for treatment at Forte GGZ
Forte GGZ is an institution for outpatient basic and specialized mental health care. Therefore, we do not treat suicidal behaviour, eating disorders, substance abuse (or other addictions) as the main diagnosis. Nor do we treat acute psychoses, or profound aggressive or antisocial behaviour. Forte GGZ does not have 24/7 accessibility.

Reimbursement when staying in the Netherlands temporarily

If you are staying in the Netherlands on a temporary basis (for example as a student) and you are a citizen of an EU- or EEA-country or Switzerland and you have health insurance in your home country, then Forte GGZ is happy to help you out. If you meet all three conditions, you can request a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at your health insurance company. If you are a British citizen you can request a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) at the National Health Service (NHS). These cards will cover the treatment you get at Forte GGZ*.When you apply for treatment at Forte GGZ, we will need: an application form, a copy of your EHIC or GHIC and a referral letter from your General Practitioner. After we have received these, we can start the treatment. Together with the invoice we will send a copy of your card to the Dutch handler of EHIC/GHIC -invoices (Zilveren Kruis Achmea).

Reimbursement when staying in the Netherlands permanently
If you are staying in the Netherlands permanently as a resident, or if you have a job in the Netherlands, you are obliged to have basic health insurance. This is required by the Dutch general health insurance law (Zvw). This insurance covers the costs of your treatment at Forte GGZ, except for your annual 'mandatory policy excess' (eigen risico)*. In addition to an application form we will always need a referral letter from a General Practitioner (this is a condition for reimbursement of your treatment). In most cases we are able to send the invoice directly to your insurance company.

More information
For more information about the EHIC and how to get it, you can go to the website of the European Commission. If you are a British citizen you can apply for a GHIC on the website of the NHS. If you have any questions on whether you need a Dutch basic health insurance, or about the Dutch health system in general, you can find more information at Zorgverzekeringslijn or at Studenten-verzekeringen.

Register at Forte GGZ
When you have a referral letter and meet the conditions mentioned above, you can register here.

Dutch Ministry of Health

Forte GGZ is recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Health for Special Medical Care. For more information please contact the secretariat: (0031) (0)50 205 33 44

* Please see your personal insurance policy for the specific terms.
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