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Common problems
ADHD; Anxiety Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Disorder; Depression; Personality Disorders; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | PTSD

Forte MHC wants to support the student in finding causes en possibilities for treatment. Our team of psychiatrists and psychologists are happy to be in contact with your academic advisor or coordinator – if you want them to.
Which treatment suits you, in your situation? You can discuss it together with the doctor or psychologist.

Roadmap Clients AON Students Insurance to receive care at Forte MHC Assen | Groningen | Leeuwarden | Zwolle

1. The student/client ascertains the possibilities of reimbursed Basic Mental Health Care (9 sessions) or Specialist Mental Health Care by AON Student Insurance. Contact AON-Lead Claims Handler Mr. Anthony Madsahri, T. 010 - 4488246 |

2. The student/client of AON discusses the problems with his/her General Practioner (GP) which possibly leads to a referral letter for Basic Mental Healthcare (9 sessions) or Specialist Mental Health Care

3. The student/client sends this referral letter and relevant information to the medical advisor of AON.

4. When the medical advisor agrees, he sends a AON-permission letter to the student/client. 

5. Student/client sends the AON-permission letter + referral letter of GP + registration form to Forte MHC.
6.  Student/client is summoned for intake-meeting

The intake serves multiple purposes. It is primarily important that you can tell your story. In addition, the intake is ideally suited to gather all the information necessary to get a clear picture of the questions and problems. Usually one intake­meeting is sufficient but sometimes two intakes are required to get a clear picture. Based on the acquired information, the main practitioner will devise a treatment plan. To prepare a treatment plan, sometimes additional informationis required through, for example, a psychological or psychiatric evaluation. This plan is discussed with you. Which treatment suits you, in your situation? You’ll look at possibilities together, to change your outlook on life through therapeutic counseling, psychotherapy or another treatment that suits you and is possible. In your intake you’ll be introduced to the respectful environment of Forte MHC.

Contra-indication for registration at Forte MHC
Forte MHC is an institution for outpatient basic and specialized mental health care. Therefore, we do not treat suicidal behaviour, substance abuse (or other addictions) as the main diagnosis, acute psychoses, or profound aggressive or antisocial behaviour. Forte MHC does not have 24/7 accessibility. `

Dutch Ministry of Health

Forte MHC is recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Health for Special Medical Care. For more information please contact the secretariat: (0031) (0)50 205 33 44


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